Fly Reckless

Because flying safe is no damn fun

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A quick update

hey folks, Rather than complain about it on the next Episode of fly Reckless we're just dropping a note here to let you know that episode 117 IS recorded but there will be a slight delay in publishing due to Connall's PC exploding. 


this has now been fixed but it's thrown back release by a week or so. expect Fly Reckless episode 117 out the week after Connall's Birthday on the 12th of june.

Fly Reckless episode #116

Direct Download



And hello people of new eden, once again we are NOT DEAD!


Fly Reckless and more specifically Connall Tara returns from his Fanfest Adventure!

Joined today by Random Mcnally and Monkeyofmist, Connall talks ceaselessly for an hour and a half about fanfest and whatever tangents they find.


Project Nova




Connall "Non Mortui" Tara.

Random "Random Bystander" Mcnally.

Monkey "Available" of the mist.





Fly Reckless opening theme by Connall Tara

Wrecking machine by Permaband

Rebuild progress!

hey Folks, Connall here.


so as you may have seen the rebuild work on the FR website has been a little slow so far, but not to worry as progress is speedy!


our Itunes feed is currently in the process of Validation by Apple and Fly Reckless episodes 116 and 117 have both been recorded and are on course for our glorious return.


keep an eye here within the next 24 hours for fly reckless episode 116 and expect 117 within the next couple of weeks \o/