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Behold! Fly Reckless 114. not dead! all done! partially Relevant!

Today Connall is Joined by some corpmates where they discuss the Vanguard battlecruiser changes. this was recorded the weekend before the Vanguard release so sue us... we can confirm that this podcast will be Superb and Horrendously phenominal.


Connall "Not dead" Tara
Arjarr "Hurricane fetish" Amarr
Holdfast "Had to run mid cast" Stark


The Fly Reckless opening theme by Connall Tara

Victorious Eagle Warfare by Gloryhammer

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Connall is rather busy with work at the moment... but it doesn't take too long to upload a random gameplay video as he practices with recording tools. the practice here "should" lead directly on to some actual eve video footage so we hope people don't hate us too much for posting something different here.

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urgh... well this fell apart quickly didn't it? Easter holidays! Free time! More episodes!

Gardening? Well sod...

so fly reckless episode 113 is finally done and it's here for your listening pleasure!

To start off we've got advanced weapon upgrades where Connall actually participates by chatting with Gynax about the 30 day skillplan Gynax assembled and some of the pitfalls connall stumbled across while training it.

Following that we've got some failmails where connall Joins Rixx Javix in some warpcore hate.


And for advanced weapon upgrades Connall lectures gynax on the Minmatar battlecruisers and it turns out that Connall doesn't particularly like Tornados...



Connall “lets be productive!” Tara

Gynax “you know what'll happen” Gallenor



FR opening theme by Connall Tara

Whistle by Sim Gretina

Hymn 43 by Jethrotull

Blowing off Steam by Abney park


Only Time will tell by ASIA

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Hey folks! connall here. whelp... I've been floored with the Flu for the past fortnight and it turns out I completely forgot to finish uploading this to the site... oops... assuming you've not listened to it already, here's the latest Eve media round table discussion on the nullsec changes CCP are playing about with.

Moderator/Technical Director – Wiggles

Kyle Aparthos From The 

Alekseyev Karrde from the Declarations of war podcast

Lockefox from the Eve Prosper Market Show 

Dirk Macgirk From Eve-Radio

Connall Tara From The Fly Reckless Podcast

ShadowandLight From The Legacy of a capsuleer Podcast


EMRT theme by Connall Tara

Spike in a Rail by Darren Korb

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And we're back once again!

Yep... stumbling along as ever the fly reckless party boat is! I should probably fix that torpedo hole but that would mean even more time between edits!

This week we're joined by the Esteemed Mike Azariah of the CSM and Magic School Bus initiative and also by Varos Kang a member of Connall and Gynax's wormhole corporation to banter a bit about the sov changes and what we might see and expect.


We're pretty much speculating our eyeballs out this week so be warned.


Following that Mike sadly departs and we're joined by the Master of the threepoint scram Phlepsen to banter out way through some spectacular failmails.


Unfortunately due to time constraints and real life between Connall and Gynax we weren't able to actually so much... actually complete the episode... oops... We'll do better next time, promise! >_>


on a lighter note! Keep an eye on the site in the next few days as we'll also be uploading our copy of the Eve media round table episode 2!



Connall “Giggling in the corner” Tara

Gynax “Devoured by the lord of work” Gallenor

Mike “Bittervet lightbulb technician” Azariah

Varos “Actually read the literature” Kang

Phlepsen “Train it to five bitches”



the FR opening theme by Connall Tara

White Feather by Marillion

Evil Man by Abney park

Breathing Place by Vibrasphere

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Hey folks, just a wee update to let everyone know that We've once again been stuck with a pile of real life stuff harpooning things. the upside is that episode 112 is recorded and is almost complete in terms of editing. 


the good news is that life is about to become a whole lot quieter! with some significant real-life projects now wrapping up for us at FR we're on course to get playing and podcasting a bit more over the upcoming few weeks. we have another eve media round table on the books in the next couple of weeks and we "might" be having a contest on the books in the next few weeks. 


until then folks, fly reckless! o7

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Hey folks. Got a podcast for you today. Going to start out a little slower today though 

Recently we lost a friend in eve and we decided to make a point of attaching something to the start of the podcast. It won't take particularly long and if you'd rather hear us giggling about eve you're more than welcome to skip ahead but we'd appriciate it if you didn't.

On the same note if anyone reading this has the time and inclination to do so we'd ask if you could check out the following links.


sorry for the downer at the start there folks. But we do have a cast for you as well.


We start off with a round up and a talk about our new editing system which should improve podcast output! Which naturally is ballocks once you catch the time markers in this cast.


We move on to build reckless with gynax where he takes some time to rummage through his mailbag.


We follow up with some failmails where bad decisions are the name of the game.


and for advanced weapon upgrades Connall has a nice big rant about amarrian battlecruisers and about why they're pretty awesome in his mind.



Connall “John Inglis Gilmour” Tara

Tumbles “Marmaduke Pattle” Goodness

Gynax “Paddy Finucane” Gallenor



Tylers Lament by Clanadonia

the fly reckless opening theme by Connall Tara

Whistle by Sim Gretina

Buy the Captain rum by Abney park

633 squadron main theme by Ron Goodwin

Tumbledown by Fish


Circus at the end of the world by Abneypark

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BE WARNED lots of CSM talk here. if you aren't all that interested in the CSM and it's operation you might not find this cast particularly interesting. however if you are interested we do recommend listening as there's some excellent points made throughout - Connall


This is the first episode of the Eve Media Round Table.

Moderator –Dirk MacGirk

Technical Director –Wiggles


Bigcountry- Open Coms Show

Bobmon - Evenews 24

Chyph3r - Podside Podcast

Connal Tara - Fly Reckless Podcast

Lanctharus - Capstable Podcast

Oh Takashawa - Crossing Zebras Editor

Tyrant Scorn - Legacy Of A Capsuleer Podcast


this is a 100% experimental concept and we highly recommend people send their thoughts and suggestions to either the Fly Reckless cast in eve or Dirk Macgirk on eve radio. we this this idea has a lot of promise and would love it to continue.

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and we're back! It's a new year and our release schedule continues to be somewhat depressing... but hey! At least our casts are nice and long? Right guys?.... right?



This time on Fly Reckless we're talking things.


We open with the fortnight update where Connall and Tumbles crack on to the best money making scheme in new eden...


For Build Reckless Gynax delves into his shiny new mailbag to hopefully answer some questions from the people of new eden.





And for advanced weapon upgrade Connall Professes his love for the sadly unloved battle cruiser class and in particular the Caldari Naga... NAGA NAGA NAGA!



Connall “NAGA NAGA NAGA” Tara

Tumbles “kidnaped and replaced by a Cowboy body snatcher” Goodness

Gynax “don't worry about that isk tumbles” Gallenor



the Fly Reckless theme by Connall Tara

Whistle by Sim gretina

Money by Mystery Skulls

You are the one by La Rochelle Band


Don't want to be like you by The Alan Parsons Project


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