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Fly Reckless episode 104

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and we're back! And this one is on time! Why? Because tumbles was editing this one uber quick.


With fanfest looming we decided to talk a little bit about it with the chap who got connall into eve, Flistir.


But first up, we have a very breif fortnight update, because we've been very busy with actual eve group content, funny that.


For build reckless it turns out we have actually listened to everyone and gynax is going to talk about station trading, for 10 minutes... (no not really).


For failmails we have an excellent selection of pain and dispair, with random ghost comments from secret hiding corp member Tikop.


we follow this by not “quite” talking advanced weapon upgrades quite yet but first talking with flistir about fanfest and what we're vaguely hoping to see.


And for ACTUAL advanced weapon upgrades, as promised in the last episode we have a go at trying to explain gunnery mechanics. This task was made infinitely easier thanks to this handy dandy link provided by flistir:


and hey! tumbles was on TV! have a look over here: 




Connall “It's a jack campbell book by the way” Tara


Tumbles “is much faster at editing than Connall” goodness


Gynax “you can all shut it about station trading now” Gallenor


Flistir “oh hi” doesn't have a second part to the name


Tikop “lurking in the background” also doesn't have a second part to the name




FR opening theme by Connall Tara


Whistle by sim gretina (basically the build reckless theme now)


Ponies from space also by Sim Gretina


Centurions full theme by Harpaz/kraft and Jim Mandel



American Type Rye (R-type remix) by Rune-Bertil

Fly Reckless episode 103

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And we're back!


After a bit of being dumped on by work and real life we've finally got this up, over a month since we recorded it!


And I might even get the shownotes right this time!


This week we're once again joined by Priest kristiph as we roll into 2 hours and 25 minutes of fun!


We should preface that we had ALL kinds of technical issues recording this podcast with many disconnects and interuptions along the way. With the magic of editing however we've hammered it into a reasonable looking cast for you today!


We open up with the fortnight update, where we talk about things and catch up properly with PK.



We then move onto build reckless where gynax actually talks about the contract market (gods I messed up last week's show notes).


Failmails! Same links from last week, but we actually talk about them this time!


and for advanced weapon upgrades, connall tries to explain how Missiles in eve work.




Connall “Venn diagrams of death” Tara


Tumbles “The next Dark Knight” Goodness


Gynax “on the phone” Gallenor


Priest “flying with his co-pilot” kristoph




Fly Reckless opening theme by Connall Tara


Whistle by Sim Gretina


Easy money by The Electric Light Orchestra


Yub Nub by John Williams


Klingon War chant – Keith Halper (but we really know it was KEHLESS! Kap'Lah!)

Fly Reckless episode 102

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and we're back!


And this week we're joined at various times by EVERYONE. But mainly Kyle Yanowski...


and we open with the fortnight update which contains SPECTACULAR LEVELS OF IRONY and a PSA from fly reckless regarding rage caging.


We move on to build reckless, where gynax delves into the dark world of the contract market and we have a lot to say on this one.




and for advanced weapon upgrades... we talk to PK! More seriously we talk amarr cruisers... then talk to random mcnally! About amarr cruisers!




Connall “failmails = shoutouts and kyle = random” Tara


Tumbles “still ahead of us in timezones” Goodness


Gynax “contracts contracts contracts” Gallenor


Kyle “here from the start” Yanowski


Priest “joins a bit later” Kristoph


Random “in right at the end” Mcnally




Fly reckless opening theme by Connall Tara


whistle by Sim Gretina


Witch encounter (remix) by Lildeuceduece



Wild thing by Stone ocean

Fly Reckless episode 101

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Fly Reckless episode 101


and we're back again folks! The milestone was reached and now we're pedalling downhill, we'll run this podcast into the ground if it's the last thing we do!


We also recently got featured as the CCP community spotlight last friday, have a look at the article produced by the fantastic CCP Eterne.


This week on fly reckless


we have the fortnight update, where we talk about various things and alude to others!


For build reckless gynax finally starts talking about practical applications, then gets sidetracked by blueprints!




We're actually skipping advanced weapon upgrades this week in order to do something quite a few people have requested... what makes a failmail a failmail? We have a VERY LONG and rambling discussion on this point and attempt to outline the do's and don'ts of fitting your ship with some particularly terrible examples.




Connall “is fitting warp core stabs” tara


Tumbles “mixing railguns and autocannons” goodness


Gynax “fitting triple active tank” Gallenor




NOT the fly reckless opening credits by Connall Tara... because Connall is bad


shadow dancer by clanadonia


Where is the Walrus – the alan parsons project


I've been wrong before – Abney park


Video killed the radio star – the buggles (Sim Gretina Remix)

Fly Reckless Episode 100 + CCP interview

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Fly Reckless Episode 100 and 100.1 show notes


**** WARNING: our RSS feed service managed to break its self but we've found the issue. I tunes should correct its self shortly but if you use a manual RSS feed you will need to update your RSS links via the button we have provided on the front page. We are sorry for the inconvenience and with luck the situation will be remedied soon **** 


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And Hello people of new eden! We're here! We've done it! 100 episodes of the least informative podcast on eve history. A milestone has been reached and we've recorded things accordingly!



First up we have our 6 week update, because good gods we were quiet over the holidays.


We follow up with Build Reckless, where Gynax talks about the plex market and what it does for eve and why its useful beyond turning real money into isk and isk into gametime.





and for advanced weapon upgrades we return to our “not so quick overviews of racial ships” with the caldari cruiser line and connall mentions how much he really likes the moa.


Keep listening during the outro for some special messages from some cool people.




We're not done yet.


We also talked to some dudes from CCP, they were cool!


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Listen along as the Fly Reckless Team having made the correct offerings to the Temple of CCP have a chat with CCP fozzie and CCP rise about the rebalancing project.




Connall “Bloody chair” Tara


Tumbles “Is faster at editing than Connall” goodness


Gynax “I'll only talk for 10 minutes” Gallenor


CCP Fozzie


CCP Rise




Fly Reckless opening theme by Connall Tara


The Strut by Miracle of sound


Breathing Place by Vibrasphere


Shake your tail feather by The Blues Brothers


Fix the boat or Swim by Abney Park



Fly Reckless ep 99

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hey folks! We're finally back from the holidays and we're planning to hit the ground stumbling and limping like a 2 legged horse just like before!


This week we're joined by Reza Najafi as we talk about the fantastic Eve-bet website and how you could risk your isk with the potential for glorious winnings!


We start off this evening straight into build reckless where we talk with Reza about evebet, how they operate and what you can expect from their fine services.


We then move onto failmails where... I think we might have located the single most concentrated source of bad fittings yet!


and to round off for advanced weapon upgrades we do a worm hole primer guide discussing the various terms and concepts you'll hear us blather on about if we ever talk wormholes in the future ^_^




Connall “I'm lost but loving this” Tara


Tumbles “2 hours ahead of us now and falling asleep” goodness


Gynax “you don't have to answer this” Gallenor






Fly Reckless opening theme by Connall Tara



Snake eyes by the Alan Parsons Project

Fly Reckless episode 98

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And we’re back again folks! We’re going to go ahead and say it... editing this one was a nightmare. Between illness, work, family and a rather painful computer crash forcing Connall to start from scratch its taken us a lot longer than we’d have liked to get this podcast done.

And of course... Connall forgot to include the opening credits \o/

But no matter, because we’ve got over 2 hours of podcast for you to enjoy today!


We start with the fortnight update and fight reckless update. Connall hasn’t got around to finding a format for the webpage part of the fight reckless competition yet but will most certainly get around to it soonTM.


We then roll on the build reckless where  gynax is starting with the ground level basics of eve economics, the market!


Failmails! And good lord... these were painful...


we then wrap up for the day with some VERY out of date F&I discussion where we talk EAF’s and Interdictors. We also talked about RLML’s but it ended up turning into a 44 minute rant about forum stupidity... SO WE’RE SAVING THAT FOR A MINISODE \o/



Connall “mmm warp speed changes...” Tara

Tumbles “now 2 hours ahead due to timezones” goodness

Gynax “let me know when I’ve been going for 10 minutes) Gallenor


NOT the FR opening theme by connall tara... because Connall is bad

Shadowdancer by Clanadonia

Paranoid funk (daftpunk vs garbage remix) by McSeazy

I’ve been wrong before – Abney park

You don’t know me – the polyphonic spree

FR update minisode #1

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A fly reckless news update and Rubicon first impressions with Connall Tara and Gynax Gallenor




FR opening theme by Connall Tara

Here is the news by the electric light orchestra

party for pinky [VIP] by Alex S

Fly Reckless episode 97

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Fly Reckless episode 97


and We're back! Oh look! We're continuously uploading! What foul sorcery is this?


We have the fortnight update and Connall Decides to alter the rules of the Fight Reckless challenge a little more.


For build reckless we start looking into PI and have a nice long stream of thought as a primer for future episodes.




and for advanced weapon upgrades we cover the other 4 tech 1 destroyers... Connall geeks a bit...


and of course... tumbles had an announcement to make... shortly followed by Connall making one of his own!




Connall “you should mute coms” Tara


Tumbles “you can blame this guy for the music” goodness


Gynax “Brb on the phone” Gallenor



Feel free to blame tumbles for today's selection ^_^


foozogs version of Pinkie Pie's Smile Song - My Little Pony


ragtime piano duet of the Star Wars Cantina Band by Martin Spitznagel and Bryan Wright

We Built this City - Starship


Good Girl, by Dasha and the Living Tombstone


want to get in touch? Why not join the fly reckless or Y790 public channels on Eve? Or failing that why not send Connall some hatemail on eve, its always justified....



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